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When it comes to opportunities for the international film industry , Argentina offers lots of advantages . Foreign currency has almost tripled its value over the past 6 months , lowering production budgets to an interesting point . Visit our pages to discover Argentina´s most extraordinary film locations. We can help you make your film come true .

Transportation ( modern, old, rusted : trains, airplanes, automobiles, trucks, horse carriages ), train stations modern and antique or abandoned, churches and monasteries.
Education and health institutions, hospitals, schools, theatres, airports, ports Nature, animals.
Extraordinary or non-traditional locations, gauchos and indians
Architecture, buildings, offices, constructions, parks.
Music, concerts, and everything you can imagine

Urban landscapes Locations
People, folkloric and bizarre characters Locations
Seascapes, ocean views, coasts Locations
Rural and farm locations, haciendas, ranchs Locations
Deserts, desertic and exotic environments Locations
Selvatic locations, subtropical forests Locations
Mountain locations, snow, ski, glaciars, woods Locations
Fauna and flora ( wild animals, birds, insects, flowers, exotic plants, corn/wheat/grass fields, plantations ) Locations
Other landscapes Locations
Public buildings, statues, museums, stadiums, airports Locations


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